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Self-Introduction of this site's web master.
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I expect that you come to this site again.
I'm sorry to my poor English!I Apologize for my poor English skill.

The link to this site is free only to this site's top page.GBGバナー
The direct link to this site's pictures are forbidden.
Please use this banner after downloaded.

The origin of "Guapo BG"

The origin of "Guapo BG" is as follows.
I own the basketball team called "Handsome Dan".
"Handsome" is "Guapo" translated into Spanish.
"BG" is BlauGrana's and Back Ground's initial(this site exhibits some wallpaper).
Then, the site name was determined as "Guapo BG".

Guapo BG's ambition

I started "Guapo BG"site. I want to contribute to the FCBarcelona fans.
Then My strong point is the design skill.
Are the FCBarcelona fans glad supposing I make some Barca Wallpaper,cellular wallpaper etc,?
This was the beginning of this site.

I thought that A specific team's cellular wallpaper and wallpaper's site is only in the world.
That is unique! I thought too.
And I am wishing that the offer of a design comes from FC Barcelona in the future.

I do my best until the day comes.
Supposing there is an opportunity for you to recommend me to FCBarcelona,
I will need your help well.

If you have other design job, please offer to me!
I will design my ultimate capability!!




Graphic designer


Hyogo Pref , Japan

Favorite team

FC Barcelona(from 2002),Yokohama Baystars(from 1986)
Cicago Bulls(Michael Jordan belonged),Osaka Evessa(from 2007)

Dislike team

Real Madrid,Tokyo Giants,L.A.Lakers,Mourinho's team(He is the root of all evil!!)

Favorite sports

Futbol,Baseball,NBA,Motor sports,NHL

Dislike sports

American Football,Volleyball

Skillful sport


Poor sport


Favorite player

All of FCBarcelona's Player(especially, Xavi & Iniesta),
All of Yokohama Baysters's Player
(especially Endo,Takanori Suzuki,Seiichi Uchikawa)
Michael Jordan!!! Dwyane Wade.

Dislike Player

All of RM Player,Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant

Favorite musician

Prince,Def Leppard,Janet Jackson,Mary J. Blige,Guns'n Roses,Andrew W.K.

Dislike musician

Japanese hiphop artists,Japanese R&B artists(Except Ken Hirai)

Favorite actress

Estella Warren(PLANET OF THE APES),Jessica Alba
Alicia Silverstone(Aerosmith's video clip"Crazy" period)

Dislike TVstation

WOWOW!!!!!(The television station which deserves hating!!!)

Mac equipment

PowerMacG4/400,Memory 1.2GB,HDD/160GB/OSX(I want G5!!)
PowerMacG4/800,Memory 720MB,HDD/330GB/OS9(Place of work)

TV equipment

TV:HITACHI W32-P5000+AVC-5000(too expensive!!!)
DVD-recorder:Panasonic DMR-HS1
Tunar:CATV(contains BS-Digital,WOWOW,Ground wave digital)/SKY PerfecTV!

Celluler equipment

Vodafone 904SH

Since Oct.11.2003/Japanese (8.Jan.2005/English)
All Rights Reserved by Guapo BG.