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Portrait illustration

These portraits are not clip art.
Please don't use this illustrations to other site or printed matter, etc.

Active Player

Víctor Valdés ver3.0

Victor ValdesHis mouth open always.
This is his transition.

Cesc Fàbregas ver1.0

CescFinally, he came back! I'm looking forward to you! !

David Villa ver2.0

VillaI changed his face to a handsome face.

Lionel Messi ver2.6

Lionel MessiBecause he cut his hair, +0.1 upgrades.
This is his transition.

José Manuel Pinto ver2

Jose Manuel PintoNew hair style.

Sergio Busquets ver2.0

Sergio BusquetsThis year's important discovery!

Martín Montoya ver1.0

Martin Montoya Show activity exceeding your brother!

Isaac Cuenca ver2.0

Isaac Cuenca Picasso touch.

Gerard Deulofeu ver1.0

Gerard DeulofeuHere comes the Genius!!

Cristian Tello ver1.0

Cristian Tello Great speed star!!

Shakira ver1.0

ShakiraAlready, she is FCB squad.

Daniel Alves ver1.0

Daniel AlvesI finished easily. I think he is Ferengi(Star Trek DS9).

Carles Puyol ver2.0

Carles PuyolHair! Nose! Lip! That's all!

Andrés Iniesta ver3.0

Andres IniestaI lovelily drew his face. But , his hair has serious problem.
This is his transition.

Thiago Alcántara ver4.0

Thiago Far from goal...This is his transition.

Mascherano ver3.0

MascheranoHis smiling face is too difficult.This is his transition.

Pedro Rodríguez ver2.5

Pedro RodriguezPedro set a great record.

Adriano Correia ver3.0

AdrianoHe looks like Japanese comic "Warau salesman". This is his transition.

Andreu Fontàs ver1.0

Andreu Fontas ..

Sergi Roberto ver1.0

Sergi Roberto Looks like Luke Skywalker?

Marc Muniesa ver1.0

Marc Muniesa He looks like the Puyol Jr..

Berta Castells ver1.0

Berta CastellsThe hammer thrower's crack, Berta! I'm her friend already! Probably!!

Gerard Piqué ver5.0

Gerard PiqueHe changed his hair style. I draw his new version's portrait.This is his transition.

Xavi Hernández ver3.0

Xavi HernandezHe is EURO2008 MVP!
To praise the honor, I made him handsomize.

Alexis Sánchez ver1.0

Alexis SanchezHis smiling face looks like very happy.

Jonathan ver1.0

Jonathan Show activity exceeding your brother!

Marc Bartra ver1.0

Marc Bartra.

Jordi Alba ver1.0

Pedro Rodriguez.

Éric Abidal ver2.5

Eric AbidalHe has come to smile. This is his transition.

Alex Song ver1.0

Alex Song ..

Oier Olazabal ver1.0

Oier OlazabalHis portrait was very easy.

JuanCarlosNavarro ver1.0

Juan Carlos Navarro He looks like sleepy, everytime.

Irache Quintanal ver1.0

Irache Quintanal The Shot putter's crack, Irache! I'm her friend already! Probably!!

Coaches & President

Tito Vilanova ver1.0

Tito VilanovaHe is showing a wonderful staff's work.

JoséRamónAlexanko ver1.0

AlexankoDid he works?

Ramón Cugat ver1.0

Ramon CugatDoctor Cugat, super-doctor to problem of knee!

Jordi Roura ver1.0

Jordi Roura.

Johan Cruyff ver1.0

Johan CruyffPortraying becomes easy when there are many wrinkles of the face.

Sandro Rosell ver1.0

Sandro Rosell There seems to be room for improving this portrait. But I could show his able man's image.

Ricardo Pruna ver1.0

Ricardo PrunaI think that he or Xavi are typical face of Catalunya people.


Pep Guardiola ver4.0

Pep GuardiolaHe looks like a monk. This is his transition.

Juan Carlos Unzue ver1.0

Juan Carlos UnzueI could draw easily though he is good looking.

Bojan Krkić ver4.0

Bojan KrkicI felt that the improvement is still necessary. This is his transition.

Víctor Vázquez ver2.0

Victor VazquezGenous Vazquez. But he is injury every time...

Zlatan Ibrahimović ver1.0


Touré Yaya ver1.0

Toure YayaIt drew based on few photographs. This picture looks alike unexpectedly.

Joan Laporta ver2.0

Joan LaportaI finally revised chairman's portrait. This is a masterpiece.

Samuel Eto'o ver3.7

Samuel Eto'oI changed his hair to skin head.
This is his transition.

Sylvinho ver2.0

SylvinhoIt is an image like an original monkey.

Ronaldinho ver1.5

RonaldinhoHe is already my character.

DECO ver4.0

DECOClose cropped hair version. This is his transition.

Eidur Gudjohnsen ver2.0

Eidur GudjohnsenVersion2, but no big change.

Giovanni dos Santos ver1

Giovanni dos SantosHe became a smooth skin before one is aware.
Adolescence seems to have ended.

Eusebio ver1.0

EusebioHis smile is very cute. Therefore, I wanted to draw his portrait.

Marc Ingla ver1.0

Marc InglaIs he a sharper image? But not bad.

Juliano Belletti ver4.0

Juliano BellettiHe is God. Therefore I draw him handsomizing. This is his transition.

Van Bronckhorst ver6.0

Van BronckhorstHard portrait. But, the improvement of the portrait was completed until his leaving. This is his transition.

Henrik Larsson ver1.2

Henrik LarssonHis portrait was a so-so perfection ,suddenly. There was no change.

Fernando Navarro ver1.0

Fernando NavarroThe width of his face might be necessary a little more.

Rodri Garcia ver2.0

Rodri GarciaUnique hairstyle. Is the width of his face necessary a little more?

Phillip Cocu ver1.0

Phillip CocuHis face is surprised expression basicly.

Rivaldo ver2.0

RivaldoI wanted to redraw his portrait long time. Then I drew it finally!!

Ronald Koeman ver1.0

Ronald KoemanI thought that I draw simple good lines.

Joan Gaspart ver1.0

Joan GaspartHe had become popular person very much before oue knows.

Seydou Keita ver2.0

Seydou KeitaHe is like the character of Japanese traditional children's song, "Kawaii cook san".

Paulino Alcántara ver1.5

Paulino AlcantaraLegend of crack!!

Jeffrén Suárez ver2.0

Jeffren ..

Ricky Rubio ver1.0

Ricky Rubio El Baloncesto Crack has come!

Thierry Henry ver1.0

Thierry HenryI felt many improvements are necessary. But it was released.

Víctor Sánchez ver1.0

Victor SanchezHis mouth is like to Motta's one.

Txiki Begiristain ver1.0

Txiki BegiristainI could draw easily.

Samuel Eto'o2

Samuel Eto'oPanama hat version. Too fashionable.

Albert Jorquera ver2.0

Albert JorqueraI arranged his portrait in an easy lines.

Ronaldinho hair band

RonaldinhoHair band, 06-07 season.

DECO as Zorro

DECOI want to draw Deco as Zorro.

Santiago Ezquerro ver2.0

Santiago EzquerroNot too bad portrait. Little good looking.

Marc Crosas ver1.0

Marc CrosasBecause he seemed to be an audacious character, I drew him in this expression.

Johan Neeskens ver1.0

Johan NeeskensThis is a masterpiece. His eyes and mouth were able to be drawn well.

Thiago Motta ver7.0

Thiago MottaMost difficult portrait. I can escape from fear of improving his portrait due to his leaving. This is his transition.

Javier Saviola ver2.0

Javier SaviolaHis good portrait has not been seen.

Mark Van Bommel ver2.0

Mark Van BommelI wanted an aggressive feeling a little more in his portrait.

Demetrio Albertini ver1

Demetrio AlbertiniIf it considers his lip too much, drawing his portrait is very difficult.

Luis Garcia ver2.0

Luis GarciaHis portrait also improved some versions.

JuanRomanRiquelme ver1

JuanRomanRiquelmeHis portrait seems to have room for improvement. But, it is not bad either.

Rustu Recber ver1.0

Rustu RecberI portray his face easily. I want to arrange lines, but it is tiresome.

Juan Pablo Sorin ver1.5

Juan Pablo SorinHis feature is very fat eyebrow and little squint eyes.

Henk ten Cate ver1.0

Henk ten CateIt is an image like gorilla's relative.

Ibrahim Afellay ver1.0

Joan GamperWelcome to FCB!
He is baby-faced man.

Maxwell ver4.0

MaxwellHis portrait is too difficult!! Already version 4!!
This is his transition.

Gabriel Milito ver4.0

Gabriel MilitoI decided to draw his eyes as a dots.
This is his transition.

Carles Busquets ver1.0

Carles BusquetsPapa Busquet.

Rafael Márquez ver5.0

Rafael MarquezHis face is arranged. Therefore, I had a hard time writing the portrait. This is his transition.

Chygrynskiy ver1.5

ChygrynskiyWill he join FCB, really?

Alexander Hleb ver1.0

Alexander HlebHe is an image of elder Freddie Highmore.

Martín Cáceres ver2.0

Martin CaceresHis portrait was updated soon.
I hope his impact play!

Oleguer Presas ver2.0

Oleguer PresasBecause the length of his beard always changed, I made it an animated cartoon.
His ear is tapered.

Ronaldinho Kabuto

RonaldinhoAs Japan tour's trophy.

Edmílson ver2.0

EdmilsonHe grew old than before.

Lilian Thuram ver3.0

Lilian ThuramBecause the last portrait looked foolish, I changed.
This is his transition.

Gianluca Zambrotta ver1

Gianluca ZambrottaThis portrait is not bad either.

Frank Rijkaard ver2.0

Frank RijkaardHis portrait was more difficult than I thought. His glasses are my taste.

Ferran Soriano ver1.0

Ferran SorianoThe real person is very large. It is a so-so perfection.

Ludovic Giuly ver 6.0

Ludovic GiulyHis portrait is very difficult. This is his transition.

Maxi Lopez ver1.0

Maxi LopezHis portrait drew easily, and did not change.

Gabri Garcia ver2.5

Gabri GarciaHis portrait originally looked like. However, his hairstyle kept being changed. This is his transition.

Sergio Garcia ver1.0

Sergio GarciaI want to draw his portrait.

Luis Enrique ver2.0

Luis EnriqueThere are many characteristic on his face. But, it is difficult to portray his face. Why?

Gerard Lopez ver1.0

Gerard LopezIf his eyes and noses are clearly drawn, it solves it somehow.
The expression of the hair is difficult.

Patrick Kluivert ver1.0

Patrick KluivertThe old portrait was misappropriated. I'm good illustrator than that time, but it is ashamed.

Romario ver1.0

RomarioThis is not looked like and doesn't look like.


Antonio Puerta ver1.0

Antonio PuertaIt was a sudden news of death. To mourn for the dead, the portrait was drawn.

David Silva ver1.0

David SilvaHis charming feature is an open mouth and a mole.

Franck Ribéry ver1.0

RiberyIf he loves FCB and he joins FCB, we are happy.

Henrique Buss ver1.0

Henrique Adriano BussHe came back after one year's adventure. I hope to his good performance.

Joan Gamper ver1.0

Joan GamperIn his photograph, there is only a black-and-white photo. Therefore, the color is my imagination.

Robben ver1.0

RobbenRobben seems to be a meaning of seal in a Dutch language. It drew in the image.

Andrey Arshavin ver1.0

Andrey ArshavinHe is crazy FCB fan. Therefore, I thought that he join the team only by the interview.

Gai Assulin ver1.0


Iván de la Peña ver1.0

delapenaIt looks like Spalletti...

Gamper Dot ver1.0

Gamper dotI drew Gamper in the dot picture. Looked like that character?
That is only coincidence.

Emmanuel Adebayor ver1

Emmanuel AdebayorAfter all, he did not join.

Kun Agüero ver1.0

Kun Aguerohis nickname "Kun" is the origin from Japanese animation.

Keirrison ver1.0

KeirrisonI can't find his good picture. Does it look like him?

Mesut Özil ver1.0

Mesut OzilWho joins to FCB?

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