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Please use after reading the following terms carefully.
[Sorry , this is poor English terms.If you cannot understand this terms, please refer to Japanese terms.]
This site is not "CLIPART site"
Using out of the purpose are forbidden.

[Notes at using wallpapers , cellular wallpapers,Misc contents]

Personal use are permitted.
Web site use are forbidden.
Please solve some fundamental questions personally as much as possible.

Gallery's pictures are not Clipart. Reproduction , posting etc.without my permission are forbidden.
This site webmaster"sugwi" owns the copyright of all the pictures.
However, the LOGO&escudo&character etc. of FC Barcelona has the copyright of themselves.
Moreover, since I also only use a part of designs (centennial commemoration design etc.) as a motif of a design, naturally copyright is in a design producer.
Moreover, the picture which used also in a player's photograph has copyright in each player, a team, a publishing company, etc.
Naturally the producer owns copyright also about music since I have not written music.
If the problem on copyright occurs, I will cope with it immediately.
Therefore, please inform the webmaster.

Please contact me, when you use the contents of this site aimed at obtaining profit.
Unapproved use for these purpose is forbidden.
Re-distributing the contents of this site by other homepages has forbidden.
Selling the contents of this site by CD-ROM etc. has forbidden.
Even if breakage of data and a machine trouble occur by contents use of this site,
do not take any responsibility.Even if damage occurs by contents use of this site, I do not take any responsibility.
The contents and the items mentioned of this site may be changed without a preliminary announcement in the future.
Using the contents of this site on web has forbidden fundamentally.
If it is permitted, since this site's existence value will completely be lost.

In addition, this terms is translated into English based on Japanese terms.
I assume that there are some mistranslations against this terms.
If you cannot understand this terms, please refer to Japanese terms.

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