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Various things which cannot be classified are placed here.

DVD and Video Jackets and Labels.

FC Barcelona's Clip arts.
Now, only one icon and the Cliparts for the 04 to 14 New Year's cards are placed here.

Himno related contents.
Here, it is the himno lyrics card.

misc of misc
Here is Misc of Misc page.
The thing still which cannot be classified is put here.
The present lineup

Dress-up doll
Clock face
Japanese montage game named "Fukuwarai"
FCB Escudo icon
Iron print(1.Si a la PAU T-shirts),(2.CLASICO win T-shirts),(3.¡Madrid,cabrón! T-shirts),(4.Xavi T-shirts),(5.Vamos a Paris T-shirts),(6.Ànims Eto'o T-shirts)

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