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Movile(Barca Logo Design)

03-04[P3] from 21.Nov. 03 to 12.Dec.03

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Xmas 12 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

XmasXmas escudo.

Old Muffler 9 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

mufflerOld muffler image.

Hexagon 03 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

hexagonHexagon design.

Monogram 27 Nov. 03 240x320160x198


Simple pic 21 nov.03 240x320160x198

simpleI imagined simple design.
However, it was still showy.

Scribble 12 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

scribbleSerious Scribble.

Graffiti 9 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

grafitiGraffiti motif.

Barca!! 3 Dec. 03 240x320160x198

barca!!Large text theme.

Monogram(Multi color) 27 Nov. 03 240x320160x198

Monogram(Multi color)Monogram multi color.

Dot picture 21 Nov. 03 240x320160x198

Dot pictureI think it is smallest escudo.

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