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03-04 [P4] from 25.Dec.2003 to 5.Mar.2004

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Sub screen5.Mar.04

My cellular phone,V601SH's sub screen wallpaper.


Gualdiola 22.Mar.04 240x320160x198240x320

gualdiolaPep Guardiola!

SI A LA PAU 16.Mar.04 240x320160x198240x320

a la pauNO! Al Terrorisme!!
Si! A la PAU!

Escudo 1910 24.Feb.04 240x320160x198240x320

1910Escudo 1910-30

Waterdrop 25.Dec.03 240x320160x198240x320

water dropWaterdrop on the Cellular phone's Screen.

MultiStripe 19.Jan.04 240x320160x198

multiMultistripe Image.

Checker 18.Mar.04 240x320160x198240x320

checkerChecker pattern.

Escudo1970 04.3.16 240x320160x198240x320

1970-80Escudo 1970-80.

Contour 19.Jan.04 240x320160x198240x320

contourLike contour.

Water surface 25.Dec.03 240x320160x198

water surfaceWater sueface on Barca Escudo.

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