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待受画面〈Barca Logo Design〉

2004-05[P1] from 3.july.04 to 15.sep.04

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Gent's Room 15 Sep.04 160x198240x320

roomMy friend,"Gent Blaugrana"'s Photo.

Sagrada Familia 11 Sep.04 160x198240x320

sagradaMy friend,"Gent Blaugrana"'s Photo.

Denim 7 Aug.04 160x198240x320

denimDenim like.

MadColor 7 Aug.04 160x198240x320

madcolorClazy color design.
Is it showy color?

MetaBall 20 Jul.04 160x198240x320

metaballLike water drops.

Playing Cards 15 Sep.04 160x198240x320480x640

cardsLike playing card design.

Concrete 23 Aug.04 160x198240x320

concreteScribble & Splay.

Halftone 7 Aug.04 160x198240x320

halftoneHalftone Pattern design.

Medal 7 Aug.04 160x198240x320

medalOlympic medal image.

SpiderBarca 3 Jul.04 160x198240x320

spiderI noticed that the Spiderman is Barca color!
Then I make this picture.

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