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待受画面〈Barca Logo Design〉

2004-05[P2] from 25.sep.2004 to 25.Jan.05

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Soci05 25.Jan.05 160x198240x320

soci052005 new socio card design!
I received the card!

Metallic 11.Jan.05 160x198240x320

metallicMetallic Emblem image.

watch 10.Dec.04 160x198240x320

watchBarca esucudo's news program image.

ClasicoWIN!! 22.Nov.04 160x198240x320

clasico04/C/winPicture of clasico victory commemoration.
This is Japanese popular joke phrase.
The mean is "Barca cut Madrid down with the sword."

Tape 05.Nov.04 160x198240x320

tapeBarca packaging tape Image.

Blinds 17.Jan.05 160x198240x320

blindsBlinds & old escudo image.

Otoshidama 27.Dec.04 160x198240x320

otoshidamaJapanese style bonus bag image.

sunk 22.Nov.04 160x198240x320

sinkingSunk madrid.

Clasico04Casa 17.Nov.04 160x198240x320

clasico04/CasaBarca's victory ticket's image.

Grain 25.Sep.04 160x198240x320

grainGrain pattern image.

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