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2004-05[P3] from 19.feb.05 to 17.Jun.05

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Line stone 17.Jun.05 160x198240x320

linestoneLine stone on Escudo image.
But It is not visible so.

Dot 25.may.05 160x198240x320

dotEscudo dot picture image ver1.

Champion! 19.may.05 160x198240x320

yuusyou!These words are the meanings "2004-2005 the championship" with a Japanese character.

Flash 02.may.05 160x198240x320

flashFlash fc barcelona emblem image.

Crystal 13.apr.05 160x198240x320

crystalCrystal Barça escudo image.

Ripple 11.mar.05 160x198240x320

rippleRipple image.

Grid 17.Jun.05 160x198240x320

gridGrid escudo pattern.
That's normal design...

Dot2 25.may.05 160x198240x320

dotEscudo dot picture image ver2.
I like this pattern.

CampiÓ16.may.05 160x198240x320

campio!Barça Campió!!!

Label 28.apr.05 160x198240x320

labelLiqueur bottle's image.

Chrome 11.mar.05 160x198240x320480x640

chromeChrome escudo image.

Marigol 19.feb.05 160x198240x320

Maribel DominguezMaribel Dominguez's cellular wallpaper.
Women football team's crack!

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