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2005-06[P1] from 23.Aug.05 to 16.Dec.05

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Speed 16.Dec.05 240x320

clasico fI processing Clasico photo. Very speedy picture.

White Flag 25.Nov.05 240x320

clasico fClasico win!
I thought that a white flag fitted a white team. hahaha.

Mineral 14.Oct.05 240x320480x640

mineralAn image that the escudo stands out on the mineral.

PuyolPod 23.Aug.05 240x320480x640

puyolpodCaptain Puyol's iPod Ad design.

MottaPod 23.Aug.05 240x320480x640

mottapodMotta's iPod Ad design.

Current 02.Nov.05 240x320480x640

currentOriginally, I was going to make it from the image of the light that reflected to water.
However, the different one was completed.

Clasico05-06/Fuera 12.Nov.05 240x320480x640

clasico fThis is orthodox Clasico cellular wallpaper.
This picture is neutral image.

BarテァaTV 04.Oct.05 240x320480x640

puyolpodBarテァa TV's Image. News Opening like.

RoniPod 23.Aug.05 240x320480x640

ronaldinhoRonaldinho's iPod Ad design.

XaviPod 23.Aug.05 240x320480x640

xavipodXavi's iPod Ad design.

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