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2005-06[P2] from 26.Dec.05 to 23.Mar.06

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Sakura 23.Mar.06 240x320480x640

sakuraSakura blossom image.

05-06Uni/y 25.Feb.06 240x320480x640

Barcelona uniSymple yellow uniform image.

05-06Uni/half 25.Feb.06 240x320480x640

Barcelona uniHalf and half uniform image.

Fluorescent 02.Feb.06 240x320480x640

fluorescentFluorescent Lamp hiding white screen image. I imaged old exhibition.

Glass 02.Feb.06 240x320480x640

GlassTranslucent grass image.

Spangle 23.Mar.06 240x320480x640

spangleSpangle image? Ummm.

05-06Uniform 25.Feb.06 240x320480x640

Barcelona uniSymple Blaugrana uniform image.

Constellation 09.Feb.06 240x320480x640

fluorescentConstellation image.

Lines 02.Feb.06 240x320480x640

linesWide lines and nallow lines crossing image.

Snow 26.Dec.05 240x320480x640

snowFalling snow image.

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