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2006-07[P1] from 24.Aug.06 to 02.Feb.07

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Quadrilateral 02.Feb.07 240x320480x640

QuadrilateralI received the e-mail from Pakistan.
He said that he wanted a simple picture. Then, I made this.
However, I do not know whether this is a correct answer.

Monogram 02.Feb.07 240x320480x640

MonogramBarça monogram image.

Layer 25.Oct.06 240x320480x640

LayerLike layer image.

Lights 04.Oct.06 240x320480x640

LightsSearch lights image.

Monochrome 6.Sep.06 240x320480x640

MonochromeUFO...near Camp Nou....

Multi corner 02.Feb.07 240x320480x640

Multi cornerI want some alteration to the multicolor image.

Slant 06.Nov.06 240x320480x640

SlantSlant image.

Ray of light 11.Oct.06 240x320480x640

ray of lightRay of light Image. Inspired by Madonna's concert.

Zapf Dingbats 26.Sep.06 240x320480x640

zapfZapf Dingbats vs FCBarcelona escudo!

Rhinestone 24.Aug.06 240x320480x640

RhinestoneThis is the design that encloses it with the rhinestone.

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