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2006-07[P2] from 24.Feb.07 to 25.Jul.07

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07-08 Escudo 25.July.07 240x320480x640

07-08 FCB Escudo07-08 new uniform image.
I hope next season!!

Flower 25.July.07 240x320480x640

flowerFlower image. Cheers for F Barcelona's ability growing up!!!

Blackmetal 30.May.07 240x320480x640

BlackmetalMetal escudo in the dark wall.

Underwater 13.Apr.07 240x320480x640

UnderwaterUnderwater image. FC Barcelona escudo's bubble image.

Blinds2 24.Feb.07 240x320480x640

blinds2Blinds image 2. Jumble version.

Socio 2007 25.July.07 240x320480x640

Socio 2007Carnet FCB soci 2007 image.
Sorry, I can't draw the background image just like.

Talisman 1.June.07 240x320480x640

TalismanJapanese talisman (praying for victory) design.
All we can do is to pray for victory now.
And, I made this image.

Tempered 09.May.07 240x320480x640

Tempered metalTempered Metal image.

Characters 13.Apr.07 240x320480x640

CharactersThe characters of "FC Barcelona" was trimmed.

Blinds1 24.Feb.07 240x320480x640

blinds1Blinds image1. Simple version.

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