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2007-08[P1] from 22.Aug.07 to 02.May 08

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Layerd leather 28.Mar.08 240x320480x640

Layerd leatherLayerd leather image.

Lines 26.Nov.07 240x320480x640

LinesI persistently made the image of the stripe pattern.
This is quiet design.

Dots 19.Nov.07 240x320480x640

DotsThis is the dotted pattern escudo.

Optimus 22.Aug.07 240x320480x640

OptimusI noticed Optimus Prime is FCBarcelona color!!!

CampNou50anys 25.Jan.08 240x320480x640

Camp nou 50anysCamp Nou 50anys logo design.

Leopard 02.Nov.07 240x320480x640

LeopardMac OS Leopard is released.
I made this picture in commemoration of it.

Stripes 12.Nov.07 240x320480x640

StripesThis is the striped pattern escudo.

Diamond Cut 22.Aug.07 240x320480x640

Diamond CutDiamond cut face.

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