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2008-09[P1] from 16.Sep.08 to 26 Mar.09

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Dimple 26.Mar.09 240x320480x640

DimpleDimple texture image.

Handwritten 07.Feb.09 240x320480x640

HandwrittenHandwritten FC Barcelona's escudos image.

Scoreboard 14.Jan.09 240x320480x640

scoreboardScoreboard image.

7segment/LCD 22.Oct.08 240x320480x640

7segment/LCD7segment escudo image. LCD flavor.

Horizon 16.Sep.08 240x320480x640

HorizonThe FCB escudo pattern is spread to the horizon.

Valentine's Day 10.Feb.09 240x320480x640

St. Valentine's DayFC Barcelona's St. Valentine's Day version escudo .

Escudos 23.Jan.09 240x320480x640

EscudosMany FC Barcelona's escudos image.

Grids 07.Nov.08 240x320480x640

gridsCombined two grids image.

7segment/LED 16.Sep.08 240x320480x640

7segment/LED7segment escudo image. LED flavor.

Stripe08 16.Sep.08 240x320480x640

Stripe08I draw the multi stripe design when I have no idea.

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