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2008-09[P2] from 11.Apr.09 to 19.Jun.09

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NIKE T-shirts 19.Jun.09 240x320480x640

Nike memorial TNIKE's memorial T-shirts image.
Sorry, it is copy design.
But, I wanted to watch this design on mobile phone.

Liga Campeón! 20.May.09 240x320480x640

Liga Campeon08-09 seasonLiga espaóola CAMPEÓN!!! Yeaaaa!!!

Denim 2009 15.Apr.09 240x320480x640

Denim 2009FC Barcelona escudo denim texture.

CL Campeón! 27.May.09 240x320480x640

Champions league Campeon08-09 season Champions league CAMPEÓN!!! GRRRRREAT!!!!!!
This picture is free clip art! Please use your site & blog!!

Copa Campeón! 14.May.09 240x320480x640

Copa Campeon08-09 season Copa del Rey CAMPEÓN!!! Yeaaa!!!

Balls 15.Apr.09 240x320480x640

BallsFC Barcelona escudo's ball motif.

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