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2011-12[P1] from 11.Nov.11 to 16.Jun.12

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Ad Wall mobile 16.Jun.12 480x640240x320

FC Barcelona ad wall.FCB ad wall mobile ver.

Abidal02 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animo Abidal02Bamos! Abi!!

ÁNIMO ABI01 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animoabi01Bamos! Abi!!

ÁNIMO ABI03 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animoabi03Bamos! Abi!!

Air Cuenca 04.Feb.11 480x640240x320

Air CuencaCuenca the 23!!

FUERZA Guaje! 28.Dec.11 480x640240x320

FUERZA Guaje!The T-shirts at CWC final.

Number 04.Jun.11 240x320

NumberUniform design.

Historia Gold 11.Nov.11 480x640240x320

HistoriaGGold version.

Abidal01 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animo Abidal01Abidal looks like Adixxx. Bamos! Abi!!

Abidal3 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animo Abidal03Bamos! Abi!!

ÁNIMO ABI02 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animoabi02Bamos! Abi!!

ÁNIMO ABI04 07.Apr.12 240x320

Animoabi04Bamos! Abi!!

ÁNIMO ABI!!! 19.Mar.11 480x640240x320

Abi!!! Tornaras a guanyar!!!Supporting Abidal T-shirts image.

Air Cuenca 3 24.Feb.11 480x640240x320

Air Cuenca 3Cuenca the 23!! Air Jordan 3 motif.

CWC Patch 13.Dec.11 480x640240x320

CWC Champion patchWe fight for getting this!

Historia 11.Nov.12 480x640240x320640x1136

HistoriaThe escudo history.Why are there two 1899?
(from first left side.)

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