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2003-04[P1] from 20.Sep.03 to 30.Apr.04

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Himno 9.Mar.04 800x6001024x768

HimnoThis is Himno wallpaper.

Los Senores de la Barcelona 13.Feb.04 800x6001024x768

指輪バルサMy illustration's wallpaper.
Commentary of this illustration is gallery page.

Socio Receipt 23.Jan.04 800x6001024x768

socio receiptSocio Campaign's wallpaper.Emblem icon is here.

Pattern 9.Dec.03 800x6001024x768

patternI have seen the necktie similar to the design of this wallpaper.
But there is no thinking that I imitated it.
I was only inspired.

Rainbow 14.Nov.03 800x6001024x768

rainbowThis is the image which colorful paper has overflowed from the file.

Escudo & Gradation 08.Nov.03 800x6001024x768

ロゴとグラデIt is only typography design. No use photos.

Camp Nou & Escudo 20.Sep.03 800x6001024x768

カンプノウCamp Nou Photo wallpaper.
2001-02 Champions League vs Liverpool.
The game was boring.

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