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2003-04[P2] from 10.May.04 to 29.May.04

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Checker 29.May.04 800x6001024x768

le21This was made from the image of fusion of the old emblem and a new emblem.
However, it did not complete satisfactorily.
But since it was wasteful, I uploaded it.

Gracies Capita!!! 18.May.04 800x6001024x768

le21This is our captain Luis Enrique's wallpaper.

Orquesta 17.May.04 800x6001024x768

OrquestaMy illustration's wallpaper.
Commentary of this illustration is gallery page.

Ambient 10.May.04 800x6001024x768

ChiquitoThis is ambient Blau-Grana colored wallpaper.
I worried about whether the emblem is put in.
Is it like ordinary wallpaper , isn't it?

Chiquito 30.Apr.04 800x6001024x768

ChiquitoThis is the holy place of Japanese Barcelonista "Chiquito"'s wallpaper!
First, I thought that wanted to make the wallpaper using the map of Barcelona.And I asked that I want to indicate that Chiquito in the wallpaper map. .
Then, Chiquito was permitted pleasantly.

Building? 30.Apr.04 800x6001024x768

BuildingThis is the wallpaper made as a research result how much real 3DCG like wallpaper can be made, using Photoshop.

Footprint 27.Apr.04 800x6001024x768

FootprintThis is the image of the footprint which steps on and crushes R.Madid.

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