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2004-05[P1] from 20.Jul.04 to 03.Mar.05

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Roof 05.02.09 800x6001024x768

CampNou roofMy friend, "Azulgrana Digest" web master, "Camp Nou" took the photographs at Barcelona.
I made this wallpaper from those photographs.

Clasico WIN (20.Nov.04) 27.Nov.04 1024x768800x6001024x768

clasicowinMy friend, "Azulgrana Digest"'s web master, "Camp Nou" requested to me Toshiba DVD recorder's wallpaper as this design image.
The design was applied to the wallpaper for PC.

Azulgrana Digest's wallpaper 10.Dec.04 800x6001024x768

Azulgrana壁紙My friend, "Azulgrana Digest" web master, "Camp Nou" went to Barcelona.
I asked the Barcelona's photograph for my site's materials of him.
The return gift was my labor.
Then this wallpaper was completed.

Flag 05.Nov.04 800x6001024x768

flagThis is the wallpaper of an image with which the barca color flag flutters.

Emboss 12.Oct.04 800x6001024x768

embossThe wallpaper is embossed with the emblem of the FCB.

Monogram2 20.Jul.04 800x6001024x768

monogram2This wallpaper is made from the old monogram of Gucci.

Typo 20.Jul.04 800x6001024x768

TypoI want make the design of "BARÇA"'s outlined word.

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