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Campeones! 21.May.05 800x6001024x7681280x1024

campeonesBarテァa Campiテウ wallpaper2!
Camp Nou's fiesta image.

Names 30.Apr.05 1024x7681280x1024

namesI created the wallpaper for respect to 13 players who fought most of this season.
I selected each player image's font.

Crisscross 23.Apr.05 800x6001024x768

crisscrossWaved grass & foot ball stadium "Camp Nou" photo image.

Grid 31.Mar.05 800x6001024x768

gridGrid & FC Barcelona escudo is waving.

Lines 03.Mar.05 800x6001024x768

linesAn escudo on the lines.

Candy 16.Feb.05 800x6001024x768

candyMany many numbers of Barca escudo candy image.

Gas flame 09.Feb.05 800x6001024x768

gasflameI made this ambient image.
However, I put the escudo into this wallpaper forcibly.
Then FCB wallpaper was completed.

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