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Double Crown Bus 03.Jun.06 1024x7681280x1024

Double crown busI draw the illustration. For celebrating FCB's double crown.

Sponsor 03.Jun.06 1024x7681280x1024

sponsorIt is the image of the wall of the FCB's briefing room.

05-06 Campió vol.1 23.May.06 1024x7681280x1024

campio1FC Barcelona Campion wallpaper vol.1.

The Chronicles of Barça 20.Mar.06 1024x7681280x1024

narniaThis illustation wallpaper is inspired from "The Chronicles of Narnia" movie.
Information is here.

Flash 25.Feb.06 1024x7681280x1024

flashToo glaring wallpaper.

Holes 23.Jan.06 1024x7681280x1024

holesPunching metal image.

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