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Barça's Boot Camp 10.Jul.07 1024x7681280x10241280x10241280x1024

Barça's Boot CampThis is the exercise DVD "Billy's Boot Camp" style.

Spider Man 3 16.May.07 1024x7681280x10241280x10241280x1024

Spider Man 3Spider Man 3 image. Do you think Spidey's color is FCB color?

Elephant 20.Apr.07 1024x7681280x10241280x10241280x1024

elephantAir Jordan 3' material, elephant pattern.
Can I reproduce the pattern? I tried it.

Crocodile 06.Apr.07 1024x7681280x10241280x10241280x1024

crocodileCrocodile texture image. No FC Barcelona's name.

Dots 30.Mar.07 1024x7681280x10241280x10241280x1024

dotsThis is the image which drew the point in scribble.

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